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April 17, 2020


April 17
5:00 PM

Take your first step
to become a delegate to the
Democratic National Convention
in Milwaukee the week of August 17

DPW’s’ Administrative Committee, with the approval of the DNC, voted to enact a number of changes to the process by which we will choose Wisconsin’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. (As a reminder, the Democratic National Convention was recently moved to the week of August 17.)

These changes include:

  • All Tier 1 County and Tier 2 Congressional District Caucuses are transitioning from in-person events to virtual events.
  • Virtual county caucuses will be spread out between three dates: April 26 (the original date), May 3, and May 10. CD caucuses will remain on May 17.
  • DPW will assign county caucuses to a specific date no later than April 20.
  • Anyone who wishes to participate in a county caucus (either as a voter or a delegate candidate) is now required to pre-register for the virtual caucus by no later than 5:00 PM on April 17. Instructions to pre-register are below.
  • Caucuses will use electronic ballots rather than paper ballots.

We understand that these new processes for selecting delegates require internet access and the ability to use email which may be difficult for some members. These decisions were not made lightly, but due to the nature of the pandemic and the guidance from public health officials, the DPW Administrative Committee felt these actions ensured the most access to the process while prioritizing the health and safety of every caucus participant.

How to be a Delegate Trainings:

With important registration dates for delegates quickly approaching, DPW staff will hold daily webinar trainings from Wednesday, April 8 to Friday, April 17 for anyone interested in learning more about the delegate selection process and how the virtual caucus will run.

For a complete list of training sessions and to register, please visit: www.wisdems.org/delegatetraining

Important Links:

Register to participate in a county caucus:  www.wisdems.org/countycaucusregistration
(Note: this link is for both those who want to vote at and/or be elected at a county caucus. If you just want to observe the process, those links will be available on the DPW website on April 20)

Delegate candidate statement of intent form: www.wisdems.org/2020delegateform
(Note: only those who wish to be elected as a delegate need to complete this form. Those who just want to be voters only need to fill out the registration link above.)

Any qualified Wisconsin elector who subscribes to the beliefs of the Democratic Party is eligible to run for a spot as a convention delegate to the National Convention. Pierce County can send up to 16 delegates to become one of the of 55 district-level delegates and 5 alternates for the state.

If you are interested in becoming a delegate,
contact us at
and plan to attend the Caucus when the date is announced April 20.

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