MOVIE NIGHT: Hacking Democracy  

Democratic Resource Center - River Falls
1025 S Main Street, Suite 450
River Falls, Wisconsin  54022

1025 S Main Street, River Falls WI

Sep 23, 2012   starts at 7:00 pm (GMT -6:00) CST

7:00 PM Sunday, September 23

Democratic Resource Center, 1025 S Main St, River Falls

With electronic voting machines tabulating more than 80 percent of the ballots cast in America, Seattle grandmother Bev Harris set out to determine the obvious: Do they work?

Based on the evidence presented here, the answer is "not really." The picture that emerges as Harris unearths a treasure trove of info about mishandled votes and the inner workings of the machines is that they're not only fallible but also highly vulnerable to hacking.

There'll be popcorn!


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